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"I feel more confidence to move
ahead now that I have a plan."

"Tremaine helped me find my focus for marketing multiple businesses when I felt scattered and overwhelmed. She made me feel comfortable and reminded me that I know what I know and have demonstrated my expertise for more than 20 years. She walked me through the entire process of defining my niche and identifying the audience I would best serve, step by step. She listened fully and understood what I was trying to achieve and gave me a path to achieve it. Now I feel more confidence to move ahead now that I have a plan. Truly appreciated."
Nudsen Saintilma
CEO Cre8242, CraZ Donuts, Tirsty

I work with

Entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and other service providers who are looking to effectively utilize  social media to promote your business, and establish themselves as the experts in their fields. You are either very active on your chosen social media platforms with little to no return on your time and energy investment, 


You are sporadically active on what feels like the wrong platforms, overwhelmed by everything that has to go into the process, feeling like you’e posting to crickets, convinced social media can work for your business because it clearly works for others, but lost as to how

Sound like you?

I'm Tremaine!

I teach online business owners how to create result-focused social media strategy designed to support your business goals, develop expertise-driven marketing content to attract and serve your dream client and design built-for-you  training to minimize your need to outsource and maximize your return on investment. 

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How to plan content or your social media that sets you up as an expert in your space, attracts the people you want to pay you and supports your business goals. 


Know Your Numbers

How much money does your business need to bring in to be profitable? How much should you actually be pricing your services? What percentage of your product sales equals your breakeven point? Let’s find out in this class and do better by our businesses!

Class + Workbook = $197

BombBrand 101

Learn the basics to building an effective brand that positions you as the go to in your industry. Class includes 62-page workbook and 30-minute Office Chat.


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