you deserve to be seen.

Over the last ten years, I’ve worn many hats, but I have to say I LOVE uncovering what makes you YOU, sharpening that thing into your secret weapon and laying out a one-of-a-kind strategy to get you where you want to go.

with a mix of brain science, strategy and not so common sense, I help you grab and keep your dream client’s attention in a way that exhilarates, feels natural and builds your bottom line.

If you are a coach, consultant or other service provider looking to effectively leverage social media to promote your business, build a brand and get paid but:

You hate being glued to your business

You feel like you’re on the wrong platforms, overwhelmed by everything that has to go into the process, feeling like you’e posting to crickets, convinced social media can work for your business because it clearly works for others, but lost as to how

You feel overwhelmed and taken advantage of in your business

You’re almost sick of your current clients

Don’t think you can call yourself an ‘expert’ 

You’re very active on social media doing all the things with little to no return on your time and energy investment

Don’t think you can charge higher fees, but know you need to

Downplay your value because you still feel ‘new’ and don’t want to rock the boat

half afraid of what people will say

Don’t know how to level up without undoing everything you’ve done so far

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked as a graphic designer, social media manager, brand visual designer, content developer, website designer, video editor and copywriter, among other jobs.

I have worked in online ads development and management, online system creation, ghostwriting, online course development, brand strategy, content strategy, content creation,  and coaching before I knew it was coaching.

As I’ve overcame limiting beliefs and built a brand that empowered me to show up as an expert, clarify my goals and diversify my income,  I realized that the process and success involved in surmounting my own obstacles had actually equipped me to help others do the same.

Since I embraced the opportunities to help female business owners own their expertise, I have been successful in helping my clients uncover their money blocks and achieve their business goals.

Highlights of my work include helping to:

  • Clarify areas of expertise
  • Secure a 20 million dollar investment
  • Build and increase email lists and follower counts
  • Create systems that reduce time spent working on the business
  • Consistently post on social media
  • Increase video content – and the confidence to use it!
  • Displace limiting beliefs and low confidence with healthy perspectives and a drive to show up everyday and own their expertise.

"i feel more confidence to move
ahead now that I have a plan."

"Tremaine helped me find my focus for marketing multiple businesses when I felt scattered and overwhelmed. She made me feel comfortable and reminded me that I know what I know and have demonstrated my expertise for more than 20 years. She walked me through the entire process of defining my niche and identifying the audience I would best serve, step by step. She listened fully and understood what I was trying to achieve and gave me a path to achieve it. Now I feel more confidence to move ahead now that I have a plan. Truly appreciated."
Nudsen Saintilma
CEO Cre8242, CraZ Donuts, Tirsty

Sometimes the best thing to do is start with what we know… and get help with what we don’t.

If you’re ready to fill the gap between your potential and your profit (of course you are), there’s a session with your name on it.