Stories that Convert

Over the last ten years, I’ve worn many hats, but everything I’ve done has always circled around story.

Whether I’m writing your copy or developing elevated visuals for your brand I’m devoted to making sure the story you’re telling is the one that needs to be told. 

Hey, I’m Tremaine, CEO of BizChocolate Creative, a story-driven marketing and design agency. 

BC Creative helps coaches and other service-providers elevate their visual experience so they can convert beyond the plateau they’ve hustled to with scroll-stopping design and high-converting campaigns that solidify authority in their market.

After ten years of working in brand design and digital content creation, I started this agency to provide a full service promotional experience for high-achieving coaches and other service providers ready to connect deeper and convert higher with their audiences.

Why me?
Honestly, I’m all about the story.

I’ve been writing in some capacity since I could hold a pencil, and my signature C4 Story Process is a spinoff of the basic story blocks I fell in love with in third grade. I’ve always been a storyteller, and I can’t wait to tell yours.

I believe your visuals and copy, brand and marketing should all come together to tell one cohesive story. 

My C4 Story Process has helped entrepreneurs, companies and non-profits communicate their value, connect with their elevated audience and increase their influence, impact and income, without hiring 12 new staff members and doubling their marketing budget.

"5 stars plus more!"

My Half Day Intensive with Tremaine was amazinggg!!! 

I really appreciated every minute. It set the foundation of what I was planning to execute. It gave me a better idea of:
THE WHO – an extensive discussion of who my target audience was and how my content will attract them to my product.
THE WHAT – the specifics of what exactly I was offering and what was different about my product than any similar products that were being offered at various prices.
THE WHY – the reason persons should be interested in not only the daily content I was producing but to remain engaged and become a potential customer.

We also planned my social media content from pre launch to launch (and even post launch in some cases). The session also helped me to create unique content that would capture my audience’s attention not only gearing up to the launch but well into the future. The purpose was two fold – 1. To turn existing viewers into customers. 2. To attract new viewers into customers. I can really say that I’ve seen results in both areas.

The Half Day Intensive also allowed us to strategize the way forward in terms of my product launch. We were able to set out a game plan for the two weeks pre launch – create content for social media, create platform to obtain client email addresses, set up automated emails and landing pages, set up payment methods and draft an outline of my entire course (4 weeks of material).

There is sooo much more that I can say but the rest of it has to be experienced! The idea of launching a new product may seem simple (and you may think you have it under control) but after our Half Day Intensive, the work had only just begun!

I’d like to encourage anyone who’s looking to launch a product whether you’re a new or existing entrepreneur, to work with Tremaine. You won’t be disappointed! 

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CEO the financial academy

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