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"I feel more confidence to move
ahead now that I have a plan."

"Tremaine helped me find my focus for marketing multiple businesses when I felt scattered and overwhelmed. She made me feel comfortable and reminded me that I know what I know and have demonstrated my expertise for more than 20 years. She walked me through the entire process of defining my niche and identifying the audience I would best serve, step by step. She listened fully and understood what I was trying to achieve and gave me a path to achieve it. Now I feel more confidence to move ahead now that I have a plan. Truly appreciated."
Nudsen Saintilma
CEO Cre8242, CraZee Donuts, Tirsty

I'm Tremaine.

I approach rebranding

a little bit 


Over the last ten years I have spent countless hours repositioning

I believe people care about how you look, but I know they care about how you make them feel a whole lot more.

And you know what most people hate? Feeling lied to and duped. 

I spent ten years as a freelance graphic designer and content developer and the most common thing new clients said to me was “They said they could do this but they can’t. Please help?” 

Wholistic Strategy – your visuals are just a small piece of the puzzle we evaluate at the beginning of our process

Day One Action – We begin implementing your rebrand strategy as soon as you enroll so you begin seeing results ASAP

Full Suite Visuals – instead of taking a Brand Style Guide to another design professional, you leave with a complete suite of branded templates you can customize and repurpose so you hit the ground running

Your brand goes beyond your visuals.

Most of the people who come to me come asking “How can I attract the people who are going to pay me for my solution?” Their ‘brand’ usually consists of a logo and a brochure, maybe a website, that they don’t love and that they admit doesn’t represent their business they way they want it to. 

I’m known for cutting through the noise with clarity-driven experience design and bringing laser focus to scattered marketing activities. My customers say I pull the ideas right out of their heads when they feel like they can’t explain it. I create plans that banish overwhelm and maximize my customers’ skillsets and leverage their time.

I help women running product and service based businesses own their expertise and position themselves as the go-to solution for their dream client through strategic planning, cohesive visuals and content designed to change their dream client’s life.


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BizChocolate Creative crafts strategic brand experiences for solution-based entrepreneurs who are ready to identify and package their expertise so they can promote their businesses with confidence.


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