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I need a brand

I need a plan

I need more reach

I need to connect

tHE sECRET Service(s)

These services aren’t secret at all. 

Content Development + Management

For your social media. For your website. For your marketing collateral, etc. Copywriting, graphic design, video production, the whole nine yards + management. Its a lot of work. Let me do it. 

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sIGNATURE eVENT CREATION + Venue consulting

Every business needs a signature event, so you and I are gonna plan one and make it FABULOUS. If you’ve got a venue, you and I will talk about aaaaallll the possibilities open to you (and all the ways you’re missing money)

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Custom Online systems

GET PAID ONLINE. AUTOMATE YOUR EVERYTHING. Bring your business into the 21st century, okay?

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Online marketing

Flo from Progressive and the VERIZON ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ Guy didn’t just *happen*. Get your own mascot/spokesperson/human face without spending the bajillion dollars those other companies probably had to. 

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Script Development

If you’re going to produce any kind of video, you need a path of words to get your point across. Basic outlines to full fledged scripts for everything from livestreams to commercials, you can get here.

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Time travel (no, seriously)

This is purely-but-not-really a bonus.  Show up like a pro, cut your learning curve to bits and not be in the same position 5 years from now. Ready?

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You need influence for your marketing. You need influence for your brand. You need influence to reach more customers in a way that matters to them so they can connect with you instead of ignoring you in favor of merrily continuing to scroll down their timeline in boredom. 

Influence is a science; it’s not something some people have and others just don’t. You can create a strategy to build and maximize your influence so you can achieve the results you want: reach more of your target audience, be THE place they turn to when they need your product or service and ultimately make more money (cuz that’s definitely important).

That’s how I help you. We’ll work together to position you as the expert in your field so the next time your customer-to-be sees a post from your profile tthey go “YAAAASSSSSSS!!!!”

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Your logo is not your brand

It’s really not. I can list off 7 whole things that you need to build into your brand, and that’s without running out (and you WANT to run out, believe me). But we’ll talk about it because a huge part of your influence is clarity and experience (of which your brand is both, js).

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You need a Plan

A wise man once said that nothing gets done without a plan (I dunno who said it, probably Jesus). We  plan vacations but not our business moves, and that’s a problem. (This actually makes sense because we don’t listen to most of the other stuff He said either. Hmmm..) Let’s fix it so you can make some intentional moves forward (intentional money is good, too).

Let's talk about where you want to go

Just because they're near you means you're reaching them

Reach is a matter of visibiity+engagement: if they never see you they can’t engage and when they don’t engage you don’t make money(because that is important). Get clear on who you want to have influence with, then work towards reaching them = a much better plan to business success.

Reaching for the toooop!!!

Connection is the goal

When you have a real connection with your audience, people engage more, buy more and stick around. That’s called a community and its not just for Facebook groups and non-profits. The businesses with the strongest communities have the best financial years (can you say Apple?)

You want connection now, don't you?